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One Year Before the Big Day: Amie Decker Beauty Advice

Photo: Travis Curry// Hair and Makeup: Amie Decker 

Our inbox is swamped with Brides inquiring for next Spring so I know that many of you are at the one year mark before your wedding.  This post is for all of the beauties who want to know what to do NOW to look their best on the wedding day.  Yes, you have a lot on your plate with booking venues and picking a dress and nailing down a date, but there are some SMALL things you can start now that will make a BIG difference.

Some girls naturally enjoy being the center of attention and some girls dread it.  But it is undeniable that on the wedding day, all eyes are on the bride. Here are some of my important beauty tips to start sooner rather than later.

  1. Drink water– It seems so simple right?  Then why don’t we do it?  I get asked all the time what I recommend for a bride to do in order to have glowing skin and healthy hair for the wedding day.  My answer…… guessed it, drink water.  If it has not become a habit yet, make carrying that water bottle around your trademark.  Your body (and makeup artist) will thank you.
  2. Start a skin care regime– Now is the time to be a big girl and take care of your skin if you have not started to do so already.  If you are not happy with your skin condition, make an appointment with a dermatologist so you can put a plan together that will give you the perfect skin you have always wanted by the wedding day.  If you don’t feel you need a dermatologist appointment but could still use some improvement, then try getting a consultation with a local aesthetician.  This will allow you to get a routine down pat with products for your exact skin type and needs.
  3. Shape your brows–  I admit, I fell victim to over plucking in college.  I cannot emphasize enough how eyebrows impact a woman’s face.  Unfortunately they are hard to “fix” in a matter of two weeks.  So use whatever time you have now to attain the perfect brow!  I recommend asking for referrals for someone nearby and visit them NOW.  This way you can get your brows shaped and then just work on maintaining over the year.  If you need to endure the painful growing out process (and it is painful- figuratively speaking) you have plenty of time and you will not be faced with the unfortunate situation of trying to find someone you can “trust” the week before your wedding.
  4. Book Hair and Makeup early!!– Many of the wedding year timelines posted in the blog-world recommend booking hair and makeup 3-6 months before your wedding.  Well, today I am going to bust the myth:)  You should be booking hair and makeup 9-12 months before your wedding.  It is very rare that I have an opening 3 months before a date.   Go ahead and book if you already have your heart set on a hair and makeup team, you don’t want to loose them:)

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