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Classic Beauty: Baltimore Bride Magazine Editorial Shoot: Amie Decker Beauty

We are in that time of year again when we are busy doing hair and makeup for editorial shoots with our favorite local magazines!!!  September is also our busiest wedding month so things get a bit hectic but these bridal fashion shoots are fuel for my creative mind.  This magazine spread I am sharing today was a take on classic beauty and processed entirely in black and white except for the cover. It was a really great challenge to create different makeup looks without being able to incorporate color. For each look I adjusted the saturation of the colors and played with how light reflected with different products and materials. And for hair changes, Kelley focused on different shapes and silhouettes that complimented each individual gown. We were so happy with the outcome.

Since this was the 20th Anniversary of Baltimore Bride, the cover showcased a custom made gown from pages of two decades worth of Baltimore Bride issues. It was so fun to see many of our former brides and fashion shoots on the layers in the gown!

Can’t wait to see what’s next!

Photography: Jennifer Hughes// Hair: Kelley Small of Amie Decker Beauty// Makeup: Amie Decker// Styling: Janelle Erichman Diamond// Cover Gown: Jill Andrews


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